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Garry Green is the Managing Director and Founder of Quanton, New Zealand's only dedicated Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation
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Preparing for an AI Future with Robotic Process Automation

06-Nov-2018 15:51:47 / by Garry Green posted in DX Seminar, Events, Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence, AI, rpa, Digital Transformation





Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become two of the most hyped technologies of the year and for many, there’s confusion around how they differ from Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


There’s certainly plenty of overlap - RPA can include ML or AI. But there are also distinctly unique with significant differences and despite the hype around AI, much bigger strides are being made with automation technologies such as RPA. More importantly RPA will be a critical platform to help organisations prepare for the benefits of AI and ML. We hit this topic in an exclusive podcast below and we're looking forward to hearing Professor Willcocks get into the details at our exclusive event on November 29th.  

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Robotic Process Automation and the Evolution of the Workforce

02-Nov-2018 14:33:42 / by Garry Green posted in Future of Work, DX Seminar, Professor Willcocks, Digital Transformation




We’ve all seen the headlines: The robots are coming to steal our jobs! It’s a great story for the sake of headlines, but recently we’ve seen three major studies which show that, in fact, robotic automation will lead to job gains.


The robots are coming... and if we get it right, they will bring with them new and interesting jobs and the end of mundane, repetitive tasks. 

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