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Quanton to Announce a New Partnership with Automation Anywhere

20-Oct-2022 14:35:11 / by Garry Green

Quanton Partnership with Automation Anywhere


Here at Quanton, we’ve been on a mission to democratise automation and help create a better future for everyone for a number of years now.  


That’s why we’re particularly thrilled to announce we’ve inked a deal to become Automation Anywhere’s New Zealand partner – and provide the technology in Australia as well. 


Automation Anywhere was ranked by global research company IDC as the world’s top public cloud RPA platform last year, with 54% market share. In recent years, it has made significant investment to rearchitect its platform to be cloud native, creating a real point of difference for the technology. And it’s a point of difference that we believe will benefit the New Zealand and Australian markets.  


The company’s recent Now And Next Report, based on surveys of more than 1,000 businesses worldwide, found 92% of enterprises have begun migrating their existing automation implementations to the cloud, and 93% have established cloud-first mandates for all new automation initiatives.  


Through moving automation to the cloud, businesses can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, while gaining many other benefits as well. And there’s another benefit – it’s enabling automation to move down the stack to increasingly smaller businesses.  


Automation Anywhere is a cost-effective, very sophisticated, secure cloud offering that will provide New Zealand and Australian businesses from mid-market to enterprise with the opportunity to liberate their teams from mundane repetitive tasks – something that is increasingly important in a tight employment market, and when tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zers are joining the workforce and reluctant to take on jobs they know technology can do (or for that matter, tasks that are just plain old boring – because no one wants to do them!) 


A digital workforce enables humans – and bots – to each focus on what they do best, creating a team that is stronger than the sum of its parts, with the bots improving operational efficiency and employees able to focus on value-add activity.  


Of course, cloud is just one aspect.  


Automation itself holds huge potential to help local businesses in what, let’s be honest, are fairly trying times.  


Inflation, staff shortages, the pressure to retain staffautomation can play a role in assisting companies to alleviate those issues.  


In fact, the Now And Next Report shows 94% of respondents are using automation to help address supply chain issues, with 61% strongly agreeing that automation has helped address staffing shortages. 


Here in New Zealand we see big potential for Automation Anywhere the mid-market, and we have some exciting plans for new offerings in that space too.  


We also see a lot of potential in a number of sectors, particularly healthcare, where organisations both public and private have long been burdened with heavy manual workloads and a lack of resources and staff. For them, Automation Anywhere will provide a very capable, easy to deploy and affordable cloud solution, enabling them to quickly gain the benefits of automation at scale 


And speaking of scale, we know there are a lot of Australian businesses who have dipped their toes into the automation waters but are now struggling to scale. And if you’re one of them, know that we’re here to help you. 


I truly believe automation has huge benefits not just for Australian and New Zealand businesses, but for the wider economy – and with Automation Anywhere and the team here at Quanton, we are looking forward to bringing those benefits to fruition for an increasing number of businesses. 

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Garry Green

Written by Garry Green

Garry Green is the Managing Director and Founder of Quanton, New Zealand's only dedicated Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation

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