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Remote Working, Automation, New Ways of Work & Future Operating Models

18-Jun-2020 10:35:46 / by Russell Berg posted in Robotic Process Automation, UiPath, Covid-19



Covid-19 is permanently changing the way we consume services and work - but current state business operating models are underpinned by processes that often don't support the current needs and demands.

The real opportunity in this business environment is for enterprises to reconsider their current business models and make changes to support new ways of working. 


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Can Automation be a Saviour for NZ's Economy Post-Covid?

23-Apr-2020 10:37:16 / by Garry Green posted in Robotic Process Automation, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Winning in Recession, Business Process Automation, Future Operating Model, Automation

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The reality is automation is now needed more than ever before.



The Covid-19 pandemic has forever altered our world. And the changes to businesses are dramatic. We’ve seen New Zealand’s economy shut down for more than a month as we fight to gain the upper hand over this virus. I’ve been pondering ‘How can automation support businesses, accelerate our recovery – and provide more resilience to handle future events like this?


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