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2020: The Year That Was In Business Process Automation

23-Feb-2021 10:15:00 / by Russell Berg posted in Digital Transformation, Unattended Automation, Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Business Process Automation, Conversational AI



To launch our 2021 content season, we take a look back at 2020 and the year that was - through the eyes of you, our readers, listeners and viewers. From Hyperautomation to Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning and Conversational AI, we review the five pieces of content that most caught your attention, according to our analytics - and look forward to 2021 as the year rapidly builds momentum. 

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Chorus & Robotic Process Automation - Raising the Customer Service Bar

29-Oct-2020 10:15:00 / by Garry Green posted in Robotic Process Automation, Winning in Recession, Business Process Automation, Future Operating Model



How business process automation can provide resilience, relieve pressure on staff and enable companies to win at customer service.


Chorus New Zealand share their Robotic Process Automation journey and success supporting New Zealand through a major infrastructure transformation in a pre and post-covid world. 


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Robotic Process Automation: The 2020 Guide

08-Jul-2020 09:14:07 / by Russell Berg posted in rpa, Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation


From beginners guide to action plan, the 2020 guide reflects deepening RPA knowledge and demand.
Three years is a long time in technology. And for Robotic Process Automation in New Zealand the last three years have brought massive changes. Reflecting the growth in the New Zealand market, we've published Robotic Process Automation: The 2020 Guide.
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Automation as a Strategic Lever

04-Jun-2020 13:13:39 / by Adam Taylor posted in Digital Transformation, Automation Strategy, Winning in Recession, Business Process Automation, Future Operating Model



90-Days to immediate value with in-year pay-back


Automation is a strategic lever that will help innovative leaders drive rapid change to expedite the speed of transformation and support short-term business imperatives. Implemented correctly, Automation has the potential to provide immediate benefit with in-year pay-back on the total cost of ownership. And it’s possible to deliver a pilot into live production in under 90-days – we know this because we’ve done it for multiple clients.

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Can Automation be a Saviour for NZ's Economy Post-Covid?

23-Apr-2020 10:37:16 / by Garry Green posted in Robotic Process Automation, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Winning in Recession, Business Process Automation, Future Operating Model, Automation

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The reality is automation is now needed more than ever before.



The Covid-19 pandemic has forever altered our world. And the changes to businesses are dramatic. We’ve seen New Zealand’s economy shut down for more than a month as we fight to gain the upper hand over this virus. I’ve been pondering ‘How can automation support businesses, accelerate our recovery – and provide more resilience to handle future events like this?


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