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Quanton Announced as Finalist for Westpac Business Awards 2022

07-Nov-2022 12:02:57 / by Nimita Morarji


Quanton was a finalist for the 2022 Westpac Auckland Business Awards held on 3rd November 2022, in the hotly contested People’s Choice category for Central region.


Quanton Sales and Marketing Team 2022


Founded in 2016, Quanton has evolved to provide leading operational excellence advisory services, technology and intelligent automation tools, SME solutions and managed services and, through this, to help businesses power up their growth and productivity with innovative and disruptive thinking and pragmatic technology execution.


The annual awards, delivered by the Auckland Business Chamber, celebrate innovation and creativity in the business sector.


Our finalist status, alongside well-known consumer brands, highlights the increasing awareness of the value Quanton brings to companies around New Zealand, enabling them to change and improve their ways of working and utilise technology such as automation.


We’re incredibly proud that our work has seen us achieve recognition alongside companies such as BePure and CarbonClick.


WBA Central awards


Powering business growth and productivity across NZ


The great resignation has been a game changer for many businesses, and Quanton has been able to provide an alternative digital talent pool to augment their workforce.


Our customer focus, responding to their specific needs, bringing in new technology and services to match their requirements and building and retaining a loyal customer base across virtually all sectors of New Zealand, has been key to our success.


But what really makes us different is that we recruit for values, attitude and aptitude to learn.


We invest and grow our people, empower and reward them, and create a great environment to work and play. And this shows in our high retention rates in a world of churn.


Our success is helping create success for our customers too, who are harnessing new efficiencies and effectiveness in their businesses and reaching new heights. And of that, we couldn’t be more proud!




About Quanton


Quanton transforms business operating models to a new, future-focused way of working by helping build capability and find the sweet spots where operational excellence or automation can have the biggest impact on a business – with quantifiable benefit.


Quanton is led by its advisory services, and a specialised range of emerging automation and AI technologies, helping organisations simplify automation. Aligning digital transformation with their vision and strategy and connecting activity to the realisation of business goals. www.quanton.co.nz


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