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11-Aug-2022 11:40:04 / by Garry Green

One of our founding principles here at Quanton is about quality:

Doing it right, designing it right, making it reusable and making it scalable,

Because – just like in many other things – if you don’t get the foundations of automation right it can become very costly.


It’s something we’ve always prided ourselves on. And it’s paying dividends for us, but we also know how hard it can be for companies starting out delivering automation too.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that Quanton has just been accredited as a UiPath Services Network (USN) partner.


What does this mean?


Well, it means we’ll be sharing the automation love around even more in future; working with other UiPath partners and customers who need assistance with implementation and professional services.


At a time when New Zealand is struggling with skills shortages – and we’re talking both the IT companies and the wider New Zealand market – the appointment will help accelerate automation adoption across New Zealand, enabling more businesses to reap the benefits.


In the recent UiPath 2022 Office Worker Global Survey, 57% of global office workers believe their workday is eaten up by tasks that could be automated, and that adding automation could save time (52%), increase productivity (46%). Further 73% of global office workers believe automation can be used to fight the Great Resignation by attracting and retaining talent.


I believe the sentiment in New Zealand is similar.


As we work with other IT providers, we’ll be sharing our knowledge with them and hopefully providing them with the passion and knowledge of automation we ourselves have. And for their customers, we’ll be bringing high quality automation to the table to enable them to free up their staff from those annoying, mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on those important value-add opportunities.


It’s a huge honour to be appointed a USN partner. Only the highest calibre of partners are invited to go through the accreditation process.


Quanton is the first USN partner in New Zealand and one of few across APAC.


Quanton might not be an old business in terms of years – though the automation space is a little like dog years with one year being much longer than a normal human year! – but this appointment reinforces just how far we have come – from a small startup just 7 years ago, to providing professional services at the same quality as UiPath to partners around New Zealand.


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Garry Green

Written by Garry Green

Garry Green is the Managing Director and Founder of Quanton, New Zealand's only dedicated Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation

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