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Solving the Scalability & Random Acts of Automation with Orchestration

29-Jun-2022 10:42:08 / by Garry Green

For a long-time we’ve known that many organisations have struggled to deliver productivity at scale when it comes to operational improvement or automation.


 James Hall recently used a phrase I particularly liked, referring to ‘random acts of automation’ – a piece of automation here, another task there, with companies now looking at how utilise process information to understand where to go next.


James Hall Enate CEO


 James has been at the forefront of automation and innovation for over 20 years, from working in the BPO space, to founding his own intelligent automation company, working in advisory and now as CEO of UK-headquartered process orchestration SaaS platform vendor, Enate Ltd.


 I’m proud to announce that Quanton has just signed on as Enate’s Australian and New Zealand reseller and partner.


 It’s a deal I believe will have significant impact on the local market. Enate’s innovative no-code process orchestration solution enables organisations to rapidly implement productivity at scale and provide end-to-end visibility, so the right work goes to the right resource at the right time.


When we started delivering RPA it was initially only affordable for the enterprise and large business market due to the price point and licensing models. But with Enate’s pioneering platform, that’s not the case. This is a scalable solution for medium sized to enterprise sized businesses.


Enate is unique in orchestrating end-to-end workflows easily, quickly, and more cost effectively than traditional business process management tools. While these tools typically take six months to deploy a process, Enate can slash that to around three weeks.


The solution also provides rapid payback and high ROI; organisations using Enate typically see a 15-20% increase in operational efficiency gain, which is multiplied when used in conjunction with AI, automation and people.


For Quanton, Enate is also complementary to our Operational Excellence Practice.


Traditional businesses tend to be in verticals and silos, whereas when you do value stream engineering or mapping you cut across that and it aligns people around a customer journey and required tasks. That journey will go through multiple departments, systems and people, but often without full operational insight.


Enate’s offering orchestrates work, so the right work goes to the right resource at the right time for simplified end-to-end processes. It makes human workers more productive, while enabling a faster, lower-risk path to automation.


The future of work is humans augmented by digital workers, working together to deliver services. So, whilst we are already working with a customer in the health care space on this, stay tuned for more news.



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Garry Green

Written by Garry Green

Garry Green is the Managing Director and Founder of Quanton, New Zealand's only dedicated Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation

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