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11-Aug-2022 11:40:04 / by Garry Green posted in Business Process Automation, Operational Excellence, Business Process Management, Automation Technology


One of our founding principles here at Quanton is about quality:

Doing it right, designing it right, making it reusable and making it scalable,

Because – just like in many other things – if you don’t get the foundations of automation right it can become very costly.


It’s something we’ve always prided ourselves on. And it’s paying dividends for us, but we also know how hard it can be for companies starting out delivering automation too.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that Quanton has just been accredited as a UiPath Services Network (USN) partner.


What does this mean?


Well, it means we’ll be sharing the automation love around even more in future; working with other UiPath partners and customers who need assistance with implementation and professional services.


At a time when New Zealand is struggling with skills shortages – and we’re talking both the IT companies and the wider New Zealand market – the appointment will help accelerate automation adoption across New Zealand, enabling more businesses to reap the benefits.


In the recent UiPath 2022 Office Worker Global Survey, 57% of global office workers believe their workday is eaten up by tasks that could be automated, and that adding automation could save time (52%), increase productivity (46%). Further 73% of global office workers believe automation can be used to fight the Great Resignation by attracting and retaining talent.


I believe the sentiment in New Zealand is similar.


As we work with other IT providers, we’ll be sharing our knowledge with them and hopefully providing them with the passion and knowledge of automation we ourselves have. And for their customers, we’ll be bringing high quality automation to the table to enable them to free up their staff from those annoying, mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on those important value-add opportunities.


It’s a huge honour to be appointed a USN partner. Only the highest calibre of partners are invited to go through the accreditation process.


Quanton is the first USN partner in New Zealand and one of few across APAC.


Quanton might not be an old business in terms of years – though the automation space is a little like dog years with one year being much longer than a normal human year! – but this appointment reinforces just how far we have come – from a small startup just 7 years ago, to providing professional services at the same quality as UiPath to partners around New Zealand.

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Solving the Scalability Challenge and Random Acts of Automation with Orchestration

29-Jun-2022 10:42:08 / by Garry Green posted in Business Process Automation, Operational Excellence, Business Process Management, Automation Technology


For a long-time we’ve known that many organisations have struggled to deliver productivity at scale when it comes to operational improvement or automation.


 James Hall recently used a phrase I particularly liked, referring to ‘random acts of automation’ – a piece of automation here, another task there, with companies now looking at how utilise process information to understand where to go next.



 James has been at the forefront of automation and innovation for over 20 years, from working in the BPO space, to founding his own intelligent automation company, working in advisory and now as CEO of UK-headquartered process orchestration SaaS platform vendor, Enate Ltd.


 I’m proud to announce that Quanton has just signed on as Enate’s Australian and New Zealand reseller and partner.


 It’s a deal I believe will have significant impact on the local market. Enate’s innovative no-code process orchestration solution enables organisations to rapidly implement productivity at scale and provide end-to-end visibility, so the right work goes to the right resource at the right time.


When we started delivering RPA it was initially only affordable for the enterprise and large business market due to the price point and licensing models. But with Enate’s pioneering platform, that’s not the case. This is a scalable solution for medium sized to enterprise sized businesses.


Enate is unique in orchestrating end-to-end workflows easily, quickly, and more cost effectively than traditional business process management tools. While these tools typically take six months to deploy a process, Enate can slash that to around three weeks.


The solution also provides rapid payback and high ROI; organisations using Enate typically see a 15-20% increase in operational efficiency gain, which is multiplied when used in conjunction with AI, automation and people.


For Quanton, Enate is also complementary to our Operational Excellence Practice.


Traditional businesses tend to be in verticals and silos, whereas when you do value stream engineering or mapping you cut across that and it aligns people around a customer journey and required tasks. That journey will go through multiple departments, systems and people, but often without full operational insight.


Enate’s offering orchestrates work, so the right work goes to the right resource at the right time for simplified end-to-end processes. It makes human workers more productive, while enabling a faster, lower-risk path to automation.


The future of work is humans augmented by digital workers, working together to deliver services. So, whilst we are already working with a customer in the health care space on this, stay tuned for more news.


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Finding New Ways to Extend Automation's Value

21-Mar-2022 12:27:57 / by Garry Green posted in UiPath, Business Process Automation, Operational Excellence, Business Process Management, Automation Technology


We’re thrilled to announce another new appointment to the team at Quanton, with Ursula Riemer joining in the newly created role as Strategic Engagement Director.

Joining us from UiPath, her appointment is a continuation of our push to help businesses elevate their approach to business process automation, and implement strategies to improve day to day customer and employee experiences while achieving increased business agility. 



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Bringing Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation Together

02-Mar-2022 10:25:51 / by Garry Green posted in Automation Strategy, Operational Excellence, Business Process Management



We’ve always had a consultative approach where we understand our clients’ problems and issues, where they want to get to and how they want to get there – and the understanding that it’s about people, culture, processes, systems and technology.

Now we're taking things to the next level with our Operational Excellence Consulting and Business Process Management Services, with Ravi Kulatunga as Practice Lead.


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The New Zealand AI Landscape

10-Aug-2021 10:15:00 / by Russell Berg posted in Artificial Intelligence, DX Seminar, Events, Machine Learning, Automation, Predictive Analytics



Part one of a two-part feature. In an insightful conversation with Professor James Maclaurin from the University of Otago we look at New Zealand’s AI landscape, discussing the findings of two reports addressing the government use of AI and the impact of AI on the future of work.

Plus details of our next exclusive event taking place on August 26th. 

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Part Two: Creating Digital First Services with Automation & AI

18-Mar-2021 10:15:00 / by Russell Berg posted in AI, Machine Learning, Future Operating Model, Automation, Predictive Analytics, Digital First


Part two of a Two-Part Series


We share our top five takeaways from speaking with Kiwi professional Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Trader, Funds Manager, and Forex Trading Coach Andrew Mitchem. He shares his journey to create the TFTC Patter Trader, a digital first product underpinned by Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. 


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Part One: Creating Digital First Services With Automation & AI

02-Mar-2021 10:00:00 / by Russell Berg posted in Machine Learning, Future Operating Model, Automation, Predictive Analytics, Digital First



Part one of a two part series

TFTC Pattern Trader, a semi-automated foreign exchange trading platform, underpinned by predictive analytics and machine learning, was delivered to minimum viable product in 12-months and now has over 200 users leveraging the benefits of automation and AI. 

Kiwi  professional foreign exchange (FOREX) trader, funds manager and FOREX trading coach  Andrew Mitchem shares his journey creating a digital first product. 

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2020: The Year That Was In Business Process Automation

23-Feb-2021 10:15:00 / by Russell Berg posted in Digital Transformation, Unattended Automation, Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Business Process Automation, Conversational AI



To launch our 2021 content season, we take a look back at 2020 and the year that was - through the eyes of you, our readers, listeners and viewers. From Hyperautomation to Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning and Conversational AI, we review the five pieces of content that most caught your attention, according to our analytics - and look forward to 2021 as the year rapidly builds momentum. 

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Conversational AI: A Global Perspective With CX Automation Leader, Liam Delap

08-Dec-2020 10:15:00 / by Russell Berg posted in Digital Transformation, Natural Language Process, NLG, Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI



The customer experience is now a strategic battleground and Conversational AI is the enabler for personalised customer experiences, at scale.

Liam Delap, Customer experience and conversational AI evangelist shares his views on how Conversational AI is re-shaping operating models and the customer service landscape.


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Data: The foundation for an AI competitive advantage

18-Nov-2020 11:51:54 / by Russell Berg posted in Digital Transformation, Machine Learning, Future Operating Model, Data



Data is both a dependency and by-product of everything we do – from events in daily life like checkout-less shopping to solving the major problems of the world like a vaccine for Covid-19.


The only question for businesses is whether we are collecting the data and using it for strategic advantage.


Ken Grohe, President and Chief Revenue Officer for Weka, shares his views on the cost of the misuse of data and how businesses can create the foundation for competitive advantage.


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